Two for the price of one



Time lapse


The summer went as the summer will

despite the solstice stillness

aged by many seasons, we

still complain of too much

or not enough rain as if surprised

by the weather, by the sudden loss

of light, by our mother’s

call as night falls to come inside.



The last thirty years sometime later


What did…. how could

stayed within me…. not every

but many…. sometimes

thin bursts…. scurry

across the face of moon

surging and seemingly pulsing


years maybe

the edge of a field

a bonfire…. a girl

my best friend and

we walked

innocence….. pouring

through…. currents

producing aurora

dancing star to star

time stood for us

we stood for time

under that one moon

forty years ago…. still there

when I step outside

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