photo-23   Why TLI?
That stands for Translunar Injection, the third-stage burn that sent Apollo out of low Earth orbit. And that’s where we’re headed — beyond the bounds of the mind’s gravity.
TLI — it may not be a word, but it’s one of the most beautiful words in the English language

As we begin, it’s the 50th anniversary of Project Gemini, two men in space. We’re going to fly every flight together from Gemini to the moon, as if we were the pilot aboard each mission.

Along with space, I am offering an eclectic mix of rough-and-ready essays (think Neil Young’s album, Time Fades Away, as time is one of my preoccupations) and dashes of poetry  (don’t worry they’re short!).

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4 thoughts on “Home of Eunice Tiptree

  1. Lilace Mellin Guignard says:


    I’m contacting you for permission to use your Brevity piece “One Thing or the Other” in a theater production. The Hamilton-Gibson Women’s Project is putting together a reader’s theater style performance called Her Voices for April in Wellsboro, PA. We are collecting short pieces written by women to be performed by women, and we would very much like to include your piece. We would credit you as author and Brevity where it appeared in the program, of course.

    I’m sorry we can’t offer any monetary compensation, but we are a community theater group in a small rural northcentral Pennsylvania town and do not have the funds. We will include your website in the program.

    Thank you for considering my request. I appreciate your quick response.

    Hamilton-Gibson Women’s Project
    Hamilton-Gibson productions


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