Good news

The News has been wall-to-wall about the dreadful Paris attacks and fears of more terrorism.  So I thought I’d offer some upbeat News.   I saw a tufted titmouse.

Yes, this morning I glanced at the tree outside my window and there sat a tufted titmouse.  Now, I’m not a birder, so I’m not even sure that I’ve ever seen a tufted titmouse.   So how can I be sure this bird was a tufted titmouse?   I got out my bird book.   He matched.  He had cowlick just like a tufted titmouse.  A white breast like a tufted titmouse.  And an upper body of Confederate gray.  Which is no longer PC.  But I figure it can be forgiven in the case of a tufted titmouse.  So I forgave the tufted titmouse.  I wish I could show you a photo of the tufted titmouse.   But it was either take a picture of the tufted titmouse or enjoy watching the tufted titmouse.  I chose to watch the tufted titmouse hop from branch to branch.  Then the tufted titmouse flew away.   I sat for a few moments and then thought, the tufted titmouse is gone.

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