50 years ago: The Earth grows larger

Apollo 11’s last full day in space




We’ve reached out last full day in space.

We’re reaching out to Earth.


And we’re keeping our distance.

This the last day before we are transformed

into heroes and icons, labeled by past deeds

trapped in a space smaller than our capsule.


Is this the last tranquil day of our lives?

Already the restful feeling post-TEI is faded.

Already we have ceremonial duties and demands,

This evening’s final TV broadcast a serious affair, formal,


just us talking to the camera,


in which we attempt to articulate the meaning

of our mission, describe the complexity

of the hardware, pay tribute to the thousands

who made it possible, up and down the line.


And widen our words to the world:

“This has been far more than three men on a voyage

to the moon . . . more even than the effort of one nation.

We feel that is stands as symbol of the insatiable curiosity

of all mankind to explore the unknown.


Earth fall less than 24 hours away,

or the final time, we say, “Good night from Apollo 11”

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