“Ride ’em, cowboy!”


Dick Gordon on an EVA during Gemini 11.


Richard F. Gordon, member of the third group of astronauts, pilot for Gemini 11 (Sept. 1966) and command module pilot for the second lunar landing, Apollo 12 (Nov. 1969), is dead at the age of 88.  He also served as back-up commander for Apollo 15 and was in line to command Apollo 18 in 1974, a mission that may have journeyed to the crater Copernicus.  Alas, Apollos 18 and 19 were canceled in January 1970.  Gordon lost his destiny to walk on the moon.

“Apollo 18, you are go for PDI.  Go for Powered Descent.”

He’s up there now, at last.  Landing on the crater floor, the tall central peak on the horizon.  He’s up there now, about to step off the ladder.  Dick Gordon is finally on the moon.

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