Two March Poems


The month of March got ya down?  Here are a couple poems to fit the season…




Footsteps along the walking woods


Even then, although the senses note otherwise,

as if under a cover of snow, warmed by earth

with no need of light, at least what we’d call

light, an overcast day we’d call depressing,

the fog of twilight in a graveyard,

motionless, deaf, yet drawn toward

not the obvious ones,

the climbing squirrels, skittering chipmunks

ears flat against the cold

but the unseen ones, a sound

smaller than a broken twig

in the throat of the blind woods

that could perhaps become…





Dig here


Be sure to leave water

for the dog

any dog that wanders by

surely thirsty

head down

tongue scratching

at the concrete

as if under to find you


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