Springing back into verse



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted poetry.  So here are three to swing into Spring.  …Even if none of them have anything to do with Spring!


A reckoning for those who remember the past


Memories anchor, steady

in seasick waves

Memories anchor, stuck

bobbing in the wash

Memories anchor, studying

the contours of the shoreline

Memories anchor, a taut

line pinned in mud

Memories anchor so

that the mind can sail




The effects of testosterone on astrophysics


gravity waves erupt from the wounds

of two dark warriors

who fall into each other

releasing a ripple across the universe

imagined as regal fabric

bending in a breeze

invisible waves

splash against the windshield

of the car, a make and mark

no longer manufactured,

long missing from the roads

parked at the edge of a meadow,

tires flat, wheels sinking

against rising weeds and flowers,

windshield dusty but still glinting

along cracks created by the accident

of weather or a careless hand,

some incident lost in time

yet still pulsing within creases of gravity

expanding and contracting time



Ghosts of the overpass


Some standing, some walking slow,

some with something in their hands

others watching from a curtain

of traffic, a colorless smear

leaning against the sound barrier

an atmosphere of emphysema

burrowing into the ground

something raising from the hole

a vapor in a familiar shape,

forming the vowels of           a voice

made of many           voices

mixing into the mortar

holding together a column

supporting the roof of the word

hanging over the morning

perhaps in promise.  Perhaps

like Rickey Clark, forgotten.




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